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Breaking Free: The Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Updated: May 19, 2023

A few years ago, I found myself trapped in a cycle of blaming others for using me, pressurizing me, for ruling over me and dictating terms in my life. But today, things are different. The question arose: Who or what has changed? The answer is simple: I have changed. In this blog, I will share my journey of transformation and how taking control of my own life empowered me to overcome external pressures. By understanding the power of personal change, I learned to let go of blame, complaints, and negative energy. Join me as we explore how changing ourselves can change everything.

Earlier I blamed others which left me feeling frustrated and powerless. But it was a pivotal moment that awakened me to the truth—I couldn't change others, but I could change myself. That realization was the key to unlocking personal freedom and a new perspective on life.

I began by understanding the principles of energy and vibrations. Like a lemon's juice, the sourness remains, regardless of how we cut or peel it. Similarly, I couldn't change the nature of people or situations, but I could change how I responded to them. I learnt to take the handle of my car which is my life in my own hands and stopped giving my life’s control in others hands. By shifting my energy and vibrations, I attracted experiences aligned with my frequency.

Letting go of blame and complaints was liberating. I discovered that external circumstances don't define me. Instead of succumbing to pressure, I took ownership of my actions and decisions. No longer did I allow others to dictate my life. I realized that true power lies within, and it was up to me to determine my own path.

As I delved deeper into spiritual and universal concepts like karmic prarabdh and the law of the universe, I recognized the interconnectedness of everything. I understood that my thoughts, actions, and energy had a direct impact on the people and circumstances that entered my life. I understood that everything is energy, vibration and frequency and that if I change my frequency then everything that comes to be will be of that frequency just like the radio. When I adjust the radio to 98.3 , then it will catch only 98,3 audio. I changed my life to the frequency that I wanted and everything hanged in my life. Only those who resonated with your frequency can come in you life.

Letting go of blame and embracing acceptance and compassion transformed my outlook on life. I shifted from a mindset of "What can I get?" to "What can I give?" Instead of holding grudges, I fostered peace and love within. This newfound perspective brought a sense of harmony and contentment.

Today, I live a life free from complaints and grudges. I've learned to vibrate at a frequency that aligns with my desires and values. There is peace, love, and acceptance in every aspect of my life. By changing myself, I changed everything around me.

The power to change lies within each of us. Blaming others only holds us back, but by taking responsibility for our own lives, we can rewrite our stories. Embrace personal transformation, let go of negativity, and radiate love and compassion. As you do, watch how your life begins to unfold in ways you never thought possible.

In conclusion, my journey from blame to empowerment has taught me that the key to changing my circumstances was changing myself. By letting go of blame, understanding energy and universal laws, and embracing acceptance and compassion, I discovered a life filled with peace and love.

Remember, the power to change lies within you. As you encounter problems with people or situations externally, recognize that the true problem lies within. Embrace personal responsibility and understand that every external challenge is an opportunity for inner growth. By engaging in inner work, cultivating self-awareness, and reframing problems as opportunities, you can unleash the power within you. Embrace this transformative journey and witness the profound changes that await. Embrace the power within, and embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

-Manjushree Rathi

Director, ME Holistic Centre

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