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  • Multipurpose Cleanser / Fertilizer / Insecticide / Pesticide
  • As a surface cleaner: floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, Car wash, Kitchen otta, Stove cleaner, window cleaner, etc.
  • To wash clothes: Laundry liquid (with or without additions like soapnut)
  • Utensils cleaner: (with or without additions like soapnut)
  • Personal care products: (to be used after individual testing only) (Body wash, hair cleaner, conditioner, shoe odor remover)
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-viral: Refrigerator cleaner, unclogging drains
  • Pest Control: Continued use of bio-enzyme repels small insects, ants & cockroaches Fertilizer: Dilute it 1:50 
  • give to plants every week Insecticide & Pesticide: Dilute it 1:10 & spray it on plants. It is known in managing plant pests like white flies, mealy bugs & spider mites

Bio-Enzyme concentrated

SKU: C10
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