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About 'ME Holistic Centre'

Vision: Manifesting Divinity through Higher Living & Holistic Wellness through Body-Mind-Soul Balance.



Manjushree has been staying alone since 2013.  Life brought the most difficult situation and challenges which she converted to became strong person. She had the confidence that she can positively help the women for whom she wanted to do so much as she didn't want other women to go through the pain and suffering which she had been through. 

In 2019, few women approached our founder Manjushree Rathi with their difficulties and problems.  The women had 3 problems: 1) They wanted to be financially stable 2) They wanted a platform to sale their products and 3) They were in depression and/or difficult situation and wanted to overcome from their difficult condition.


'ME Holistic Centre' had started with 'ME Mahila Enterprises' with the aim to cater to the women's problems.  'ME Mahila Enterprises' was a platform to Holistically Heal & Empower the women.


To provide financial stability for the women, 'ME Healthy Shoppe' was started. Manjushree also realized other needs of the society and the environment, and soon other ventures started where she felt that she could offer something. Thus, all ventures are social ventures, started after the founder took her voluntary retirement from college where she was the HOD and had taught for 21 years

     Manjushree realized that the balance between Body-Mind -Soul was missing and there was a need to cater to this missing link. So in just 2 years there were 11 Ventures where everyone has something or the other to benefit from. 

     'ME Holistic Centre' heals and empowers physically, psychologically, intellectually, financially, socially & spiritually. 

She has been conducting sessions extensively for orphanages, prisoner, old age homes, NGO's, Societies, Schools, Colleges & Corporate sector.


Manjushree was invited to conduct sessions in Yerwada Jail and Tihar jail because of the positive impact of her sessions on the prisoners at Nashik jail.

idea HOD.jpg

HOD of IDEA College

The Founder Director of 'ME Holistic Centre' Manjushree (Manju) Rathi/ Bele, was a professor for 21 years out of which she was the HOD at IDEA Architecture college for 9 years. In 2018 she realized that she can take financial Volunteer retirement.
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