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Birth story of 'ME Mahila Enterprises '? 

The aim of 'ME Mahila Enterprises' if to Holistically Heal and Empower the women.

After our Founder, Manjushree took her voluntary retirement from the college where she was working as the HOD, she had been to Narmada Parikrama on foot alone without carrying any money. After returning, she was the 'Influencer' of 'Womennovator' where she had to connect women who had made a positive impact on their surroundings and had transformed their lives from lows to highs. She was the award winner of the Womennovator award and one of the 100 chosen women all over Asia. Then being the influencer, she had organized a program for women where the AS & DC of MSME Shri. Ram Mohanji Mishra was the chief guest. Several women approached Manjushree with their problems. Manjushree had herself been through a lot, being single and staying alone for 10 years in this male chauvinist society and so she didn't want other women to go through what she had been. Majorly the feeling of being all alone with no support and no one to understand was the worst feeling she had experienced and wanted to provide a platform for the women so that they feel supported. 

To heal the women was the first aim and then to empower them. This has to be done at all levels and so 'ME Mahila Enterprises' involves the following:

  1. Physical healing & empowerment

  2. Mental healing & empowerment

  3. Emotional healing & empowerment

  4. Intellectual healing & empowerment

  5. Financial healing & empowerment

  6. Social healing & empowerment

  7. Spiritual healing & empowerment

The financial empowerment of women was one of the key aspects and thus started the next venture 'ME Healthy Shoppe'.

ME Mahila Enterprises

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