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AGNIHOTRA is a simple vedic ritual of lightening a pyramid of fire in a small copper pot and giving offerings of Ghee & Rice on this fire at the time of sunset and sunrise with enchanting of two mantras.



  • Purifies ambient air

  • It aligns the seven major Chakras

  • Agnihotra brings clarity, focus and makes you stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially & intellectually

  • Enhances your inner energies

  • Supports and helps the plants and crops to flourish & enhances their growth

  • It neutralizes the pathological viruses & bacterias

  • Protects the Environment

  • Cures human-beings, animals, plants & environment holistically

At 'ME Holistic Centre', we have organized more than 100 Agnihotra Sessions, to spread awareness & benefits of it in society.

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You can also benefit as other have been benefitted 

Feedback of Agnihotra

1. Since last night I couldn’t sleep but Agnihotra made me feel fresh in few minutes and got a burst of energy.
– MLA Devyanitai Farande

2.Since I have come to ‘ME Mahila enterprises’ and since I met Manju madam, my gynac problem just disappeared in air.
- Anjali Patil

3.खूप फ्रेश वाटले, प्रसन्न वाटले , ऊर्जा निर्माण होते .
– शुभाष पाटील

4.It was a great session, felt positive within few minutes.
– Sonika Adgoavkar

5.Its an awesome experience. Wish to attend more.
– Diksha Jaju

6.Very informative session.
- Sharanya Chandgude

7.It was a fantastic session & wonderful experience.
– Adv. Ashwini Deshpande

8.Agnihotra is the best experience of positive energy.
– Pranali Shewale

To know more, Whatsapp us on : +91 7843007413 

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