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Interview to motivate women to convert life from nothing to everything
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Agnihotra Session at 'ME Holistic Centre'
with Sonam Wangchunk, awarded one of 100 women in Asia to positively transform peoples lif
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Interview at Vishwas Radio
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Meet a super, strong & an unstoppable woman:

1- She converted her life from 'feeling of nothing' to 'feeling of everything.' And now she inspires and guides lakhs of people. She guides prisoners in central jails every month and the impact has been that the prisoners have demanded her sessions again and DIG and ministry have asked her to conduct sessions in biggest jails of her state and country. Also Kishor Sudhralay, several orphanages, observation and care centers, old age homes, societies, schools, colleges, clubs and social groups have benefitted through her sessions.

2- She quit her job of 'HOD at IDEA Architecture college', and took voluntary retirement in 2018. She was a professor for 21 years and for 9 years of these she was HOD and after taking retirement, she started 12 new social ventures as a response to the need of the society & environment combined with her passion & skill.

3- She had been on a spiritual journey of Narmada Parikrama on foot alone without carrying any money, when any woman wouldn't dare to think of it.

4- In 12 months she built 14 ventures alone, all to serve the need of the society and environment. And she has no domestic help at her home too, she prefers being independent and giving to the society.

5- After facing the darkest and lowest patches, she is now supporting others to overcome their low phases.

6- Her kids don't stay with her and she sees her children in all children, and many children and also birds and animals get connected with her naturally.

7- Today in spite of the fact that she stays alone, she feels complete and is in Bliss and spreading the same around.
8- A woman who found Agnihotra, Bhagwad Gita & Vedas which helped her to find herself and which transformed her life to feel complete and  'Aham Brahmhashmi'. Now she conducts sessions on Agnihotra, Bhagwad Geeta & Vedas to spread what she got.

9- She often says that she will never ever go in low phase, whatever be the situation, and now others can't hurt her because her life is in her hands and now God takes care of her.

10- Her life defies social norms and society blamed her, but she is not worried about what people say and nothing stops her. She is unstoppable.

11- When asked how she does so much, she humbly says that she is not doing anything. She says that she is just an instrument of God and that everything is done by the divine energy. She has just submitted to the Divine powers.

12- She was a Nastik (non-believer in God) but her experiences changed her life's perspective from 'Nastik' to 'Astik' & she spreads her life experiences and helps others experience what she did.


13- She is a person who believes that everything happens for the best. After knowing her life deeply anyone will feel that her life was full of trauma, struggle, unhappiness and dark patches. But a person who has seen her has always found her smiling, happy and evergreen.

A living example to inspire thousand others and to learn how to be positive and have faith in spite of all odds.

That's Ar. Manjushree Rathi.

Who is not just a life coach, but also a trained and experienced psychotherapist and counselor, educationist, architect, speaker, writer, social worker, naturalist, mentor, holistic health consultant, energy healer, natural farmer, an entreprenuer and ayurvedic-vastu-astro remedy consultant.

Prof. Manjushree Rathi

(Life Coach, Architect, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer, Alternative Therapist, Naturalist, Artist, Natural Farmer, Writer, Educationist, Ayurvedic-Vastu and Kundli Remedy Consultant)

  • Founder & Director of ME Holistic Centre-

  • Masters in Architecture-

  • M.S. in Psychotherapy and Counselling-

  • Former HOD of IDEA College, Nasik-

  • Was in the teaching profession since 21 Years till 2019-

  • Published interviews with several newspapers related to the development of the city and environment

  • "Social Entrepreneurship" award 2017-18 COWE INDIA Excellence-

  • Asia Record Certificate for '100 Women faces' pitching event-

  • Womennovator Award 2018-

  • Influencer of Womennovator for the year 2019-

  • 'Prof. Manjushree Rathi has dedicated her life to a Natural and Holistic Living.

  • Her transformative journey from 'Nothing to Everything' says it all.'

Achievement and Work

Travelling, Trekking & Camping:
  • Had been to Narmada Parikrama on foot solo and completed 500 km of spiritual and adventurous journey without carrying money and following the rules of Parikrama.

  • Organizes Himalayan treks with Personality & Soft skill development sessions.

  • Conducts personality development sessions on Nabh-Nir camps site, Anjaneri.

  • Organizing and taking study tours every year almost all over India for 17 years.

Honors, Achievements & Publications:
  • Social Entrepreneurship Award year 2017-18, COWE INDIA Excellence award

  • Asia Record certificate for 100 women faces pitching event

  • Womennovator Award 2018 for transforming her Life Journey of trials, triumphs & tribulations to being successful leader who made a positive difference with her intelligence, strength, passion and leadership qualities.

  • Influencer of Womennovator for the year 2019.

  • Several articles in newspaper.



Published interviews in several newspapers for issues related to development of city, environment, education, women empowerment and art & craft.
Conducts classes on solving Rubiks cube.
Volunteer at 'Isha Foundation'.
Organising organic / natural farming sessions for farmers & interested people.

Bhagwat Geeta YouTube channels:
Quickfix through Bhagavad Gita to provide solutions from Gita to people questions asked.
Bhagavad Gita in Hindi (Apke samasya ka hal Bhagavad Gita ke sang.)
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