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Initiatives of
'ME Holistic Centre':

Energizing, Natural, Healthy & Eco-Friendly Products

Empowering Women Holistically through Mind-Body-Soul Balance 

Holistic Healing

Holistic Empowerment

Grow Healthy, Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

Connect with Nature, Connect with Yourself

Natural, Energizing & Eco-Friendly Surroundings

Holistic Development of Children

Platform for Holistic Learners & Speakers

10 / ME 2 WE Productions

Products to Raise Energies & Create Positivity

11 / ME 2 WE Bhagwad Geeta Kendra

Nurturing Holistic Wisdom & Application of Geeta in Daily Lives

Products to Raise Energies & Create Positivity

13 / Satvik Movement

Satvik Aahar, Vihaar, Vichar & Aachar

14 / Make World Better 

Social group to make world better

15 /  ZEN (Zone for Excellent Network)

A community to support & empower each other

16/ ME2WE Natural Living

Experiencing & elevating the energies through aligning with nature

17/ ME2WE Publishings 

Publishing Self-Help & Spiritual Books

18/ ME2WE Elevating Energies

measuring energy, teaching, sessions, awareness (the purpose is to make ppl aware to help them to raise their energies, vibrations and frequencies).

19/ ME2WE Astrology

Taking guidance from Planets and Deities in life to get on right path.

20/ Affiliate Associates

Associates opportunities to be financial independent

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