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Ventures of 'ME Holistic Centre':

Vision & Mission: Manifesting Divinity through Higher Living and Holistic Wellness through body-mind-soul balance

  1. ME Healthy Shoppe (Natural, Healthy & Eco-friendly Products)

  2. ME Mahila Enterprises (Empowering Women Holistically)

  3. ME Healing (Holistic Healing)

  4. ME2WE Empowerment (Holistic Empowerment)

  5. ME Holistic Natural Farming (Grow Healthy, Eat Healthy, Be Healthy)

  6. ME Nabh-Nir Adventures (Connect with Nature, Connect with Yourself)

  7. ME Architects & Associates (Natural & Eco-friendly Surroundings)

  8. ME2WE Gurukul (Holistic Development of Children)

  9. ME2WE Talks (Platform for Speakers & Learners)

  10. ME2WE Productions (Products to create Positivity)

  11. ME2WE Clubs & Community (Connecting people with similar goals)

  • 11a- Make World Better (A social group to Make World Better)

  • 11b-Satvik Movement (Satvik aahar, vihaar, vichaar & aachar)

  • 11c- Natural Living

  • 11d- Community for the Grieved

  • 11e- ME2WE Club

  • 11f- ME2WE Nashik Club

  • 11g- ME2WE Business Network Club

  • 11h- ME2WE Time Bank

  • 11i- ZEN (Zone for Entrepreneurial Network)

 12- ME Franchise & Distributorship (Spreading Healthy & Satvik Products)

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