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The 'ME Holistic Centre' is a place that helps people and the environment in a holistic way which includes physical well-being, mental well-being, emotional well-being, social well-being, financial well-being, intellectual well-being, environmental well-being, national well-being, personal well-being and spiritual well-being. It was started with 'ME Mahila Enterprises' to support women and make them better in every aspect of their lives. As time passed, it expanded to help kids, the whole community and the environment. It focuses greatly on educating everyone so that everyone can be independent and, it also provides services and products to heal and empower. That is how 'ME Holistic Centre' came to birth having several ventures under it to serve different aspects of the society and environment. This centre has made a big difference in the lives of many people, changing them holistically for the better. Founder 'Manjushree Rathi' has dedicated her life to the mission to make the world a better place using holistic methods, which means considering everything as a whole after her life converted from nothing to everything and she discovered the way to do it, she believes that everyone can implement the method and get abundance and positivity in the life. ​ As the centre expanded, we started offering a wider range of services to support individuals and communities in various ways. We've brought in experts from around the world who specialize in different fields to provide comprehensive assistance to everyone. These include practices like Meditation, Vastu-shastra, Ayurveda, Natural Farming, Astrology, Numerology, Elevating Energy, Counseling, Yoga, Naturopathy, Past-life regression, Herbal healing, Sports training, Bhagavad Gita teachings, Animal communication, Plant communication. Additionally, we've established a platform where one can purchase genuine, natural, and healthy products, whose energies are carefully checked to ensure their quality and effectiveness. Over time, we've also fostered communities of like-minded individuals who come together to offer encouragement and support. At 'ME Holistic Centre,' we strive to cater to the diverse needs of everyone, providing a wide array of services and resources for personal growth and well-being.

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The logo of 'ME Holistic Centre' is made by the spiritual symbols of Swastic, Om, Shri, Agnihotra Yagya, Sun, Lotus & Pachmahabhuta

'ME Holistic Centre' Tree: ​ - Roots = our Core Values. - Trunk = 'ME Holistic Centre' - Branches =sub-ventures - Birds = associated people - Sun = God (energy source) - Leaves =Volunteers and Founder (take the Energies and transform it to give to the Environment & Society.) - Fruits = love, bliss, happiness, peace, purity & knowledge ​ 'ME Holistic Centre' is a social company working holistically (body-mind-soul) towards the well-being of mankind and the environment, run by Volunteers & Founder.


1)    Manjushree didi was a professor for 22 years, out of which for 10 years she was the HOD of the architecture college.
2)    Didi went through a tough marriage and after been hit on the road, she took her kids and left her house. While she was gone on the job, her husband took away her kids from the maid. After that she was not allowed to meet kids and enter home for some time. 
3)    She started going to orphanages and remand home, and kishor sudharalay and then central jail to conduct sessions for those kids and prisoners in which she could see her own kids only and because she was not given opportunity to do for her kids, she put that energy in all left out kids or kids without parents.  To know more click here
4)    Her sessions were so impactful and transformative that she was invited to conduct sessions in the largest prisons like Yerwada jail and Tihar Jail. Also several prisoners life were positively transformed because of her.
5)    She started learning Bhagwad Geeta to use the Geeta verses in her sessions and one of her Geeta teacher was going for Narmada Parikrama. The seed of going to Narmada Parikrama was sown in her mind. She quit her job from college and went to Narmada Parikrama. Her life magically transformed from Nastik to Astik when she herself experienced magical situations during Parikrama and after that too. To know more click here
6)    Along with Geeta, she also started performing Agnihotra which was introduced by Jitubhai Kutmutia, Bruce Johnson and Anne at Homa Centre. To know more click here

7)    She was awarded as one of the 100 Asian women for her social contributions and then received several awards and recognitions for her work. She was then appointed as the influencer of Womennovator where she was awarded earlier. Here her job was to connect women to the wommenovator platform and to empower the women. She reached more than 10k women and hosted a big event in Kalidas auditorium and the AS & DC (Additional Secretary and Directorate of Commissioner Shri Ram Mohanji Mishra had come for the event. The event was crowded and many women approached Manjushree didi for their healing and empowerment. Manjushree didi also started to see how she could help them. After staying alone for almost a decade, she could feel the pain and suffering of the women and she wanted to do something for the women. She didn’t want the women to suffer what she had suffered. She thus started ‘ME Mahila Enterprises’.  To know click here
7)    Manjushree didi during her parikrama and her cast away life, met several gurus and got high level guidance. She also says that she got so much in the Narmada parikrama and from people she met and from her daily practices like agnihotra, Geeta, sadhanas, that her life transformed from a feeling of nothing to everything. She was so full and had received so much in abundance, that giving came naturally to her.  To know more
click here
8)    Didi hasn’t taken a single allopathy medicines since 2018 and not visited any MBBS doctor. She studied and  treated herself with all natural therapies. That’s what she started giving in her sessions and thus started ‘ME2WE Healing’. Didi used to do energy healing and it worked like magic. But later she stopped it and focused on making an individual independent. Didi also  completed her masters in Psychotherapy & counseling after completing her Masters in architecture, and she started giving counseling. Her counseling session and combined with holistic knowledge based on Bhagwad Geeta, science and spirituality.
9)    Didi had started 2 channels based on Bhagwad Geeta where she answered peoples questions based on Geetas shlok. Her way of teaching Bhagwad Geeta is how to apply it in life. She was also invited on the platform of ‘The Future University’ to conduct classes on Bhagwad Geeta. Currently she has several youtube channels, and the most popular one is ‘ME Holistic Centre’. 
10)    The women who had connected with ‘ME Mahila Enterprises’ , they needed financial empowerment and to financially empower them she started a platform ‘ME Healthy Shoppe’ where the women could sell their products. Later ‘ME Healthy Shoppe’ was converted to a platform where only natural, healthy & eco-friendly products whose energies didi had checked herself and also checked with the machines were kept to offer to those who wish to live a natural life and raise their energies. Since 2018 Narmada parikrama, Manjushree didi herself hasn’t used any toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, creams, sun screens, lipsticks and other make-up and other chemicals as she realized that these products contain toxin which drain energy and she found natural alternatives to all and started providing it under ‘ME Healthy Shoppe’
11)    One by one she realized the need of the women, of the society and the children and one after one 19 ventures got started in 3 years. 
12)    The other ventures and the thought behind it:
(a)    ME2WE Healthy Shoppe (Healthy, Natural & Eco-friendly Products)
(b)    ME Mahila Enterprises (Empowering Women Holistically)
(c)    ME Healings (Consultancy & Counselling by Manjushree) (Manjushree was into healing and empowering and thus started these 2 ventures)
(d)    ME2WE Empowerment (Sessions at Institutes, Corporate Trainings, Groups)
(e)    ME Nabh-Nir Adventures (Himalaya Trek and Anjaneri Camps) (Manjushree didi goes to Himalayas every year and thus she also conducted one Himalayan trek every years and several camps in Nashik and other places, which came under this.
(f)    ME Natural Architects (Building with local materials to enhance energies of the residents and not to reduce energies as is done by cement structures) (she is an Architect by educational qualification and was a professor for 23 years out of which for 10 years she was the HOD of the college. She understood the importance of naturalness and thus now practices natural architecture and designs and builds structure which are made naturally to raise the energy of the occupants without using cement also)
(g)    ME2WE Publishings (Publishing Self help & Spiritual books)
(h)    ME2WE Communities: Satvik movement, MWB (Social groups to make world better)
(i)    ME2WE Productions (Producing Satvik products)(to produce energizing products)
(j)    ME2WE Gurukul (Holistic Development of Children)
(k)    ME2WE Talks (Platform for Learners & Speakers to Heal & Empower)
(l)    ME2WE Elevating Energies: measuring energy, teaching, sessions, awareness (the purpose is to make ppl aware to help them to raise their energies, vibrations and frequencies)
ii)    Manjushree didi met several divine people and she realized that she should bring them on the platform so society can get holistic benefits. Her aim was to make world better and she realized that God had sent all divine people in her life to help the world.
iii)    Thus several more ventures with the world class expertise 

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Meet Manjushree, an esteemed life coach, published author, social activist, and the visionary founder of 'ME Holistic Centre'. With a heart dedicated to service, she oversees 19 ventures committed to social good. Manjushree's journey has been one of profound transformation. Once upon a time, she felt that nothing was left in her life and there is no sense in living. Her life got transformed from a ‘feeling of nothing’ to a feeling of having everything in abundance’. Through her own journey of overcoming adversity, she discovered holistic solutions that brought light and purpose back into her life.

Her holistic education, guided by Masters, spans Architecture, Vastu Shastra, Bhagwat Geeta, Agnihotra, Ayurveda, Astrology, Psychotherapy, Energy works, Natural Farming, and Naturopathy. Drawing from this diverse knowledge base, she embarked on a mission to uplift society and the environment. For 22 years, Manjushree served as a professor, and for a decade, she led as the HOD of an architecture college. However, her vision extended far beyond academia. She aimed to holistically heal and empower mankind and the environment, bringing all such Masters together under one roof for the benefit of all.

In pursuit of her mission, Manjushree faced a significant challenge. She had to depart from her family and live alone for a decade. Yet, amidst solitude, she discovered a profound truth: 'वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्' means, the entire world is her family. This revelation transformed her perspective, enriching her mission with a deeper sense of interconnectedness and compassion. Today, through 'ME Holistic Centre' and its 19 ventures, Manjushree continues to inspire and uplift. Her aim is to create a brighter future for all, guided by the belief that holistic solutions can bring healing and empowerment to individuals and communities alike. Join her on this journey of transformation and renewal.

The Journey from
Nothing to Everything
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                           Explore Manjushree Rathi's Published Books                    

Manjushree Rathi, our esteemed Founder Director, is not only a prolific writer but also a passionate advocate for the environment, humanity, and children's welfare. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she has authored numerous insightful blogs, articles, and books. Among her published works stands 'The Complete Student', a testament to her dedication and vision. However, this is just the beginning, as there are more literary gems eagerly awaited in the pipeline. Through her writings, Manjushree endeavors to enlighten, inspire, and empower, with a heartfelt intention to enrich both the lives of individuals and the world we share.

Our Missions:

Few Prestigious Organizations served by ‘ME Holistic Centre'

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Government Organizations:

·         Yerwada Jail, Pune

·         Central Jail, Nashik

·         Commissioners office, Nashik

·         Jan Shikshan Sanstha, Nashik

·         Ministry of MSME 

·         Kishorsudharalay, Borstol school, Nashik


Educational Institutes:

·         Institute of Technology & Management, Mumbai

·         Fravashi International Academy

·         Sandip University

·         MVP’s Janta Vidyalay, Dahibhan

·         Bhonsala Military School, Nashik

·         Amrutvahini college, Sangamner

·         Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad college, Malegaon

·         Ithape Institute, Sangamner

·         Guru Govind Singh School, Nashik

·         Shri Ramvilas Mundhada High School

·         Global Vision School, Nashik

·         Several Ashram Schools


Social Clubs /Communities:​

·         Lions club

·         Rotary club

·         NMA (Nashik Management association)

·         NIMA (Nashik Industries & Manufacturers assoc.)

·         Marwadi Yuva Manch, Nashik

·         Divya Karuna Organization, Haridwar

·         Several Orphanages, Old age homes and Bachat Gat

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·         Epiroc company

·         Lagad 

·         Sajeevan Foundation

·         Wisdom xtra

Our Clients

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