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ME2WE Natural Architects

ME2WE Natural Architects
We specialize in providing architectural services for natural buildings that are constructed using locally sourced, natural, and recyclable materials. Our expertise lies in enhancing the energies of the occupants, backed by research showing how artificial building materials like cement, tiles, and paints reduce these energies, while natural materials enhance them. We focus on creating eco-friendly, sustainable structures that promote healthier lifestyles and elevate the energies of those who use them. Our conscious decision to move away from non-eco-friendly materials, along with our commitment to cost-effective design, ensures that our natural structures are both beneficial and affordable. Our experiments have demonstrated that occupant energies decrease in cement buildings and increase in natural buildings.

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Manjushree Rathi

  • Ex-HOD of Architecture college (IDEA)

  • Professor in Architecture college for 22 years

  • B.Arch in 1997

  • M.Arch in 2013

  • Pyra-Vastu consultant since 2005

  • Vastu expert since 1999

  • Holistic Vastu Consultant

  • Energy Checking of the Vastu throug

  • Expertise in Remedies without demolition

  • Practices Natural Architecture only

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Our Natural Architectural Projects

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