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Chaitra Navratri: Celebrating the Strength and Spirit of Women during the Nine-Day Festival

Oh woman, you are the greatest creator,

Bringing forth life and love, the world made greater.

Your body, a vessel of magic and might,

Transforming raw matter into beings of light.

Your spirit, a fire that burns bright and true,

Guiding your steps, helping you push through.

Through trials and tribulations, you stand tall,

Refusing to let the world make you small.

Your fall may come, but it's just an autumn hue,

Preparing for the next spring, creation anew.

You pick yourself up, brush off the dirt,

Ready to take on the world, your heart alert.

You are a mother, a divine calling,

The highest degree, the greatest offering.

Your love knows no bounds, your devotion true,

Nurturing your young, helping them grow and bloom.

Earth and cow are mothers too, you see,

Selflessly giving, like you, oh woman, endlessly.

Your strength and courage are a beacon of light,

A shining example, an inspiration in sight.

But don't forget to give to yourself as well,

For only when you're happy, can you make others swell.

Take care of yourself, as others require,

For you are the foundation, the seed that will inspire.

In our Vedas, you are called the strength, the fire,

The source of power that never tires.

Yatra naryastu pujyante, divinity is there,

Honoring women, a divine blossom rare.

Matru devo bhava, pitru devo bhava, they say,

Respect mothers, fathers, teachers, guests every day.

Oh woman, you are the strength divine,

A form of the goddess, shining and fine.

During this Chaitra Navratri, let's celebrate,

Your inner strength, your power innate.

May you continue to rise and thrive,

Shining your light, keeping the world alive.

- Manjushree Rathi

Director, ME Holistic Centre

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