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Choose Wisely !!!

There comes a moment in your life when you realize that your life is not yours,

You realize that you are a part of bigger purpose, a part of bigger entity,

You realize that you are others and others are you; you are all one,

When suddenly you may feel weird because you have not experienced it earlier,

But when you hold on God will empower you, give you divine powers and help you to help others, so just surrender and flow in the divine grace.

There comes a time in your life when you understand that you are so so so very small that you cease to exists,

You realize that you can't help others and you can't give others because you are no one,

And simultaneously you connect with the energies of God and you find Him within yourself,

You receive God's grace and His messages,

And you also understand that you are a part of God,

You understand that He gets things done through you and you are only His tool,

Only how to use the tool is in your hands,

You just have the power to choose.

So choose wisely.

Start with words, choose your words.

Choose your companions as they affect your energies,

Choose your space.

Choose your emotions.

Choose your feelings.

Choose your behavior.

Choose your present moment.

And everything will be yours.

The entire universe will then conspire to manifest all that is truly meant for you in the larger good.

Choose wisely.

- Manjushree Rathi

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