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All complaints of life vanished by understanding

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Do you feel that others don't understand you!

Others don't understand us is what we often feel. However the question is: Do we understand others?

Bhagwat Geeta says that what we give comes back to us. So if we understand others, then others will understand us. This reminds me of a quote: 'if you want to protect your foot, you can't put carpet on the entire earth but can just wear slippers.' We can't change others, however, we can change ourself. And magically everything changes automatically after that.

9 years ago, I was working as the HOD in the college, which was just 1 km away from my home. I always commute in the car to and from college. One day, the car didn't start during monsoon times while going to the college. I choose to walk to the college. While walking I found that muddy rainwater was gathered at the sides of the road. I didn't want to put my foot in the water gathered on the roadside. I stepped where the water had not gathered. I realized that if a car would come then I would be an obstacle for the car. I immediately realized that when I drove the car, often people would be an obstacle for the car to move ahead. That time I would say in my mind "why don't these people walk from the side of the road". And this was eye opener moment for me. I realized that I had not understood them. I had to be in their shoes to understand them. That time while walking on the road, I understood their perspective. I also realized that I had a so low understanding and so less and limited consideration for others. I realized that I had to work on myself to understand others. I understood that everyone is right in their own ways. I understood that we should not judge others (specially not form opinions).

That 1 km walk during monsoon changed my perspective, my understanding, my life.

After that I realized so many times that I had never understood others fully so I had complaints about others and about situations. Now I have no complaints in life with God's grace.

It all depends on UNDERSTANDING.

-Manjushree Rathi

Director, ME Holistic Centre

+91 7843007413

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