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Embracing the Divine Mystery (the beauty in contradiction)

Within me lies a vastness so deep,

I am nothing, and yet I am everything to keep.

I am content in solitude's embrace,

But find great joy in the presence of a loving face.

My words are mere whispers in the wind,

But they hold within them the power to mend or rescind.

A mystery, so complex and intricate,

Yet simple, a truth that's easy to articulate.

Though it may seem controversial, it's true,

Only a select few can comprehend this view.

For my essence, my soul, is forever evolving,

Each moment a new experience, constantly revolving.

And yet, one thing remains constant and clear,

God is with me, always near and dear.

In His loving presence, I am free,

A carefree spirit, dancing in His mystery.

I may speak one truth today,

And change it the next, come what may.

For life is ever-changing, a constant flow,

And in each moment, a new reality to know.

So here I am, just a humble servant of the divine,

A believer in love, and in God's plan, I align.

For I know that whatever He does is for the best,

And in His loving presence, I find eternal rest.

-Manjushree Rathi

Director, ME Holistic Centre

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