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Beyond Possessions: Embracing the Soul's True Legacy

What is destined for me, shall find its way,

In the tapestry of time, it shall not stray.

What is not meant for me, shall fade and depart,

For only that which is mine, shall dwell in my heart.

What did I bring upon my sacred birth,

A soul pure and untainted, filled with worth.

No worldly possessions, no riches to claim,

Only the essence of my being, without any name.

And what shall I take as I depart from this plane,

Leaving behind the transient, the mundane.

Not possessions or wealth, for they hold no sway,

But the lessons learned, the love shared each day.

In this journey of life, we arrive empty-handed,

And in the end, depart with only what we've expanded.

For it is not the material, but the soul's growth,

That defines our worth, and the legacy we clothe.

  • Manjushree Rathi

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