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Blinded by Science to Embracing Spirituality: Rediscovering Faith, Miracles, and Divine Grace

Growing up in a close-knit family, I was surrounded by rituals, stories, and a strong spiritual heritage. My mom's deep belief in the divine, my grandfather who founded the Chinmay Mission and various other ventures in the city, all carried on through generations. Our days were filled with meaningful ceremonies, fasting, prayers, and the sharing of blessed offerings—a beautiful tapestry of devotion woven into our lives. Among these traditions, the captivating tale of my great-grandfather's extraordinary encounter with Hanumanji was particularly unforgettable, a cherished story in my family's history.

The story went that my great-grandfather received a visit from Hanumanji in a dream, with a divine message. He was instructed to uncover a sacred Hanuman sculpture from our farm and to dig a well behind it. Following the dream's guidance, he embarked on a remarkable journey of excavation, unveiling a stunning Hanuman sculpture. A temple was built at that very spot, a testament to unshakable faith. The well, dug as per the dream, provided a constant source of water—even during droughts that had dried up other wells.

The image below shows the swayambhu Hanumaji:

These stories shaped my early years, but as I delved into science and education, skepticism crept in. The tales that had once fascinated me were overshadowed by a desire for proof. The ichchapurti Hanumanji temple and the enduring well became mere historical facts in my expanding knowledge.

Life gave me chances to reconnect with the divine, opportunities I overlooked due to skepticism. It wasn't until a series of events left me isolated for years after my children were taken from me that I found myself in solitude, enveloped by divine grace. In that solitude, my mother's unwavering faith echoed in my heart louder than ever before.

Amid challenges, I felt the touch of the divine more clearly. Despite society labeling me as "crazy" or "mad," their words lost their power. How could harm befall someone under divine protection? Emerging from the storm, I transformed, shielded, and profoundly grateful for the revelations.

I've encountered countless blessings and experienced the grace of the divine many times, though I'd often brush them off as mere coincidences or luck. But one particular incident left me unable to dismiss it so easily.

Each morning, without fail, I would wake up at 4 AM. It was almost as if my eyes had their own internal clock. During that period, I was engrossed in studying the Bhagavad Gita and regularly attended its classes. My routine consisted of studying the Gita right after waking up. There was a verse that intrigued me immensely, Chapter 2, Verse 14: "matrasparshastu kaunteye, shitoshn sukhdukhda." This verse delved into the sensations of pleasure and pain caused by contact with the external world. I remember my Geeta teacher, Anagha Tai, elaborating on this verse for nearly an hour. I had recorded her explanation on one of my mobile phones, which I had placed about 10 feet away on a table. Simultaneously, I was watching an online video lecture on the Bhagavad Gita on another device. The online video was only about 5 minutes long, and I decided I'd rather listen to Anagha Tai's audio. Just as I had that thought, the audio from her recording began playing on its own. Not only that, it started playing from the exact verse I had intended to hear. This was truly remarkable, considering the disorderly arrangement of files on the mobile. Moreover, I lived alone, ruling out the possibility of someone else triggering the audio. The incident was so extraordinary that my initial thought was, "Could there be a ghost here?" While the idea quickly passed, the incident continued to puzzle me. I was driven to seek an explanation for what had transpired.

In the evening, after my Gita class, I recounted the incident to Anagha Tai and inquired about how such a phenomenon could occur. She responded, advising me not to focus on finding meaning but to embrace the experience. Despite being surrounded by intellectual minds due to my role as the college HOD, I consulted several people, hoping to decipher this unusual occurrence. As my quest for answers grew, I delved into courses related to energy, quantum reality, and spirituality. It gradually dawned on me that my intellect had been a barrier, obstructing the flow of divine grace. Once I shed this limitation, divine blessings and grace flowed effortlessly into my life.

I came to understand that my previous perspective had been clouded by science and i was blinded by science. There exists a realm beyond science, where true wonders lie. We often label these wonders as miracles. However, these "miracles" are nothing but aspects of science waiting to be understood and revealed.

My journey, once marked by doubt in divine, now radiates unshakeable faith. This blog stands as a testament to my experiences—a guiding light for those navigating the crossroads of science and spirituality. In a world full of distractions, it's a reminder that true fulfillment comes not from material things, but from embracing the divine.

In Divine Grace,

Manjushree Rathi

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