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Discover the power of natural spaces (buildings)

🌿 Discover the Power of Natural Buildings! 🌿

I'm excited to share photographs of beautiful natural building I designed as an architect and few more natural buildings. With over 22 years of experience as a professor in architecture, I've had the opportunity to explore and understand the profound impact our living spaces have on our health and well-being. But moreover, my journey into natural living and architecture was deeply influenced by my Narmada Parikrama, where I traveled on foot without carrying any money, relying solely on the natural resources and kindness of people. The majority of times I got to stay in natural huts, temples or at times even sleep in verandah or semi-open spaces. This experience transformed my life, leading me to embrace natural spaces, architecture, and living as much as possible. Otherwise, the so called developed mindset, upbringing amd the city life probably would never give such an opportunity. And now with this experience, I have totally quit designing any conventional spaces and I focus on designing only and only natural buildings and spaces.

Natural buildings are constructed without cement, using materials like earth, straw, and wood, which radiate a unique energy that modern buildings simply can't match. These materials create environments that are not only sustainable but also profoundly supportive of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Having transitioned from academia to practicing and promoting natural building, I also have access to advanced devices and tools that measure the energy in these spaces. This allows you to experience firsthand the difference these environments can make.

✨ Imagine living in a home that breathes, with walls that connect you to the earth, and spaces that rejuvenate your soul. ✨

Don't just take my word for it – I encourage everyone to experience it for themselves.

Let's build a better future together, one natural building at a time.

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