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Divine Anchorage: Navigating Life's Seas with Faith

I sailed alone, a desperate sailor on tumultuous seas,

Seeking solace, yearning for the shores of ease.

Yet in the midst of tempest's roar, a revelation I did see,

Peace in the gentle waves, the vastness of the sea.

No longer did I yearn for an earthly anchor's hold,

For within the depths, a higher truth did unfold.

God, unseen but ever near, became my guiding light,

An invisible anchor, securing my soul in divine flight.

No longer did I search for refuge on distant land,

For in surrender, I found solace in God's loving hand.

The invisible anchor, firm and steadfast, held me tight,

Amidst life's storms, grounding me in tranquil delight.

With each gentle wave that caressed my weary heart,

I felt the presence of the Divine, a love that wouldn't depart.

In the vastness of the sea, I found serenity so profound,

Anchored to God's grace, my soul eternally bound.

No longer adrift, no longer seeking earthly shores,

I embraced the spiritual voyage, where faith explores.

In the rhythm of the waves, I discovered inner peace,

An invisible anchor, connecting me to divine release.

So I sail upon the seas, with trust and spirits high,

Embracing the journey, guided by the celestial sky.

For God's invisible anchor, in grace and love, I find,

A soul awakened, forever intertwined.

- Manjushree Rathi

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