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Embracing Life's Journey: A Tale of Wisdom and Balance

In the tapestry of existence, there are moments when understanding eludes us, and life seems to slip through the fingers of misunderstanding. The profound statement, "काश ना समझी में ही बीत जाए यह जीवन, समझदारी ने तो बहुत कुछ छीन लिया," encapsulates the essence of those who perceive life as incomplete due to their lack of comprehension and lack of understanding of the totality.

If only one could fathom the depth of existence, the reward would be akin to discovering paradise. This sentiment transcends cultural boundaries, finding resonance not only in philosophical realms but also in the ancient sciences of astrology, vastu shastra, and Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, the science of life, emphasizes balance on every level. It suggests that to attain equilibrium, one must delve into the intricacies of their birth chart. Just as in Ayurveda, where remedies are sought in the opposite elements to restore balance, understanding life's challenges requires navigating through opposing forces.

True wisdom lies in achieving holistic comprehension, leaving no room for problems to persist. Incomplete understanding often breeds troubles, and the solution lies in completing the circle of comprehension. The journey of life, akin to navigating a ship through turbulent waters, requires facing each challenge with an understanding of its opposite principle.

Negativity tends to draw more attention, especially towards what is absent in our lives. It becomes a natural inclination to yearn for what we lack, overlooking the countless blessings bestowed upon us. Counting our blessings, as a daily practice, becomes a habit that transforms our perspective.

Imagine being in the shoes of those who lack basic faculties like sight or limbs. Acknowledging the abundance of what we possess reframes our perception. It is a shift from negativity to gratitude, a paradigm that can alter the course of our lives.

In conclusion, let us embark on a journey of self-discovery, much like starting a new habit. By embracing the principle of counting our blessings, or by understanding Bhagwad Geeta which arenwords received by God, or by other spiritual practices, we unlock the door to a life enriched with gratitude. Life unfolds its true beauty when we recognize the blessings in disguise and understand that our journey is complete with what we have.

So, let's start counting our blessings daily—this practice is not just a habit, but a way of life. Now.

- Manjushree

Founder & Director, ME Holistic Centre

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