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Even the court date can give positive energy, if combined with your passion and life purpose.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Day before yesterday on 16th September i had a date in Igatpuri court vs court date on 1st of September 2022, i had in Nashik family court.

On 1st Sept, after the family court date i returned back home and felt drained. The court has this negative energy which has adverse effect on our energies. On 1st Sept after the family court date i was exhausted but day before yesterday, on 16th Sept after returning from Igatpuri court, i felt elated, high, contended, full of love and positive energy. Surprised?

Day before yesterday, while coming back from the Igatpuri court i stopped at adivasi girls school named 'Kasturaba gandhi balika vidyalay mundegav'. Rajudada who is also doing wonderful work for the adivasi and orphan girls, connected me here and organised this. And if i had to visit the school, the best use of time was to connect with the young hearts, show them the right direction and fill them up with the energy. Actually, it filled me up with energy, contentment and love. What we gives, comes back multifold times.

This was a 1 hr session with these yougsters on the topic 'how to live life and how to study' and was based on our ancient scriptures of Bhagwad Geeta and Vedas. Our ancient scriptures are so powerful that they can very powerfully impact the young hearts and give proper direction in life for everything.

A day that started as a court date, which normally one perceives as boring, time wasting and energy wasting, that can also turn out to be deep, meaningful and consequential. And if even one girl out of around 200 girls, understood even one sentence from our ancient scriptures, it will be life changing for her. Little bit of the consequence is what we can see in the photos below in terms of the energy and also there's much more than that which cant be seen. Talking about myself, it gave so much contenment, love and raised the energy. I returned home with a positive feeling beyond words.

Ultimately, its all about energy. The courts drain our energy. But, when we get an opportunity to give something and to be in alignment with our life purpose, it builds our energy and gives deep sense of contentment, love and so much more that cant be described in words. The day which started with court, that ended with deep sense of contentment, loads of unlimited love from the girls and request of coming soon.

What more does one need! In fact, while conducting such sessions even if i dont get to eat, it doesnt matter and i dont remember too. The session becomes my food too and hopefully it also becomes the food for the young minds too.

-Manjushree Rathi

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