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One of the unbelievable evidence

When my daughter was threatened by her father that he will cut her arms and legs and kill her, and send goons after her and me and make our life a hell, my daughter asked me to stay with her for her security and protection. After that my husband took his father to police station and then to hospital to put the blame on me and because my daughters grand father had stopped his son when he threatened my daughter the second time and also got up. Then she locked herself inside the house. Her father sent goons and sent the carpenters to break open the lock. This video is recorded at that time.

Almost 10 years ago I with my kids, left my husband when he hit me on road. On the 15th day while I had gone to my job and kids and maid were at home, my husband took away my kids from my place. He then didn't let me meet the kids initially and then he slowly turned the kids against me.

Now after 9 years i reunited with my kids. Since 2 to 3 years we have been connected and we would meet each other secretly. Because if my husband would get to know that the kids met me, he would then harrass the kids. Now kids know the truth and have first hand experienced what i experienced with him for 16 years and even after that till now. Since past 8 years i am fight the court case and my husband was not giving divorce to me to take his revenge on me. i learnt that the court and police needs evidences. Earlier i didn't have much evidence and so i couldnt prove the things which happened. But that at least taught me lesson and so now we have the evidences. The evidence of the threats that my husband gave to my daughter is also there which i will post too. Because many people can't believe that a father can behave such and also because he is telling people around that i have hypnotised my daughter and fed her with negativity, so the proof will help make 'dudh ka dudh and pani ka pani.' Of course there are other evidences also now to give clarity and to prove the truth. Many times things are not as they appear to be. Also some people are like 'khane ke daat alag aur dikhane ke daat alag.' My husband is one of them and he is so soft spoken outside that the people who know him will be either shocked by his behaviour or will think that i am feeding my daughter with negativity. But hold on, there are more evidences to come which would reveal everything.

Also, we believe that there is a higher court than the high court and than the supreme court, and thats the God's court. There is always justice in His court and He is always supporting the truth and dharm. We are not interested in troubling anyone. Also i have been through lot of pain and suffering. But now its the question of my kids and if need be, i will alone be sufficient by becoming Maa Kali.

i silently suffered several years and it also helped me develop and connect with God. I have no complaints and grudges. In fact, I am so thankful for all that came my way which helped me develop. But i will not let my kids suffer in the way that i suffered. In fact, i will be there for all such women and so had started 'ME Mahila Enterprises'. Now, God will not let my kids suffer anymore now. And He has given me the strength to protect my kids.

Now i have to bring things on social media to save my kids and to protect them. Also to be on the road to truth and dharm, we all three, my 2 kids and myself will strive.

मुझपर ज़ुल्म करने की गुस्ताख़ी तो उसने करदी,

और मैंने भी सहन कर लिया,

पर मेरे बच्चो पर अगर थोड़ी-सी भी आच आयी,

तो, माँ काली बनने की ताकत भगवान ने दी हैं |

- Manjushree Rathi

Director, ME Holistic Centre

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