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Give and Take: The Essence of Life


Imagine a scene where a man plants a sapling and supports it with a wooden stick. As years pass, the man grows old and needs a walking stick. The once-small sapling has now grown into a strong tree, providing the man with a sturdy branch to lean on. This beautiful cycle illustrates the timeless principle of give and take, a concept deeply rooted in our existence and eloquently expressed in our ancient scriptures.

The Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita:

In the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 11, it is stated:

देवान्भावयतानेन ते देवा भावयन्तु वः।

परस्परं भावयन्तः श्रेयः परमवाप्स्यथ।।


By nourishing the gods, they will also nourish you. Thus, supporting one another, you shall attain the highest good.

This verse underscores a profound truth: by giving and participating in the natural cycles of life, we receive what we need in return. When we give selflessly, we create a harmonious relationship with the world around us, ensuring mutual growth and happiness.

The Cycle of Giving and Receiving:

The story of the man and the tree beautifully encapsulates this message. The man gives care and support to the young sapling, and in time, the tree returns this favor by supporting the man. This relationship of give and take is not just limited to humans and trees but extends to our entire society and environment.

When we give to society—whether it's our time, resources, or kindness—we contribute to a larger system that eventually supports us. Acts of charity, community service, and environmental conservation are all forms of giving that create a ripple effect, benefiting everyone, including ourselves.

Our Purpose According to Ancient Scriptures:

Our ancient scriptures also emphasize the importance of living for others. It is said:

परोपकारार्थमिदं शरीरम्


'This body is meant for the service of others.'

This profound statement highlights that our existence is not solely for personal gain but for the benefit of others. By dedicating ourselves to the welfare of others, we fulfill our true purpose and find deeper meaning in life.

Thriving Together:

The second line of the Bhagavad Gita verse emphasizes mutual success and happiness:

'When you give something to someone, you also get back in return. Both the giver and the receiver attain success and happiness, and both thrive.'

This principle encourages us to adopt a mindset of generosity. By giving, we do not deplete our resources but rather enrich our lives. The joy of helping others and seeing the positive impact of our actions is a reward in itself. Additionally, the goodwill and support we receive in return strengthen our bonds and enhance our well-being.


In a world where self-interest often takes precedence, the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and our scriptures remind us of the beauty and necessity of giving. Just like the man and the tree, our actions today can create a cycle of support and growth for the future.

Let us strive to give selflessly to our society and environment. By doing so, we not only ensure our happiness and success but also contribute to a thriving world for generations to come. Embrace the give and take relationship, and watch how the universe returns your kindness in myriad ways.

In the spirit of giving and receiving, let's plant seeds of compassion and care, and nurture them with love, so that we may all enjoy the shade of happiness and success in the years to come. By recognizing that our bodies and lives are meant for the service of others, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling existence for all.

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