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ME2WE Women Empowerment Group

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I want to extend my sincere congratulations to members of the ME2WE Women Empowerment group for choosing to empower yourselves and other women. I would like to specifically recognize and congratulate those who attended the meeting and actively participated in the group's activities. As we know, our lives are shaped by our choices and actions. When we align our willpower (ichchashakti) and actions (kriyashakti) in the right direction, we receive divine grace, align with our higher selves and life's purpose, and attract favorable people, things, and situations into our lives. We find guidance in our ancient scriptures, such as the Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta and Vedas. At ME Holistic Centre, we believe in the power of women's empowerment, recognizing that when a woman is empowered, her family, children, community, and the world are empowered. Women are revered as Devi and Mother, as they have the power to create and nurture life, much like Lord Vishnu. Our group's focus on sharing, caring, supporting, loving, and compassion is what Yukta Mookhey so beautifully described as "Sisterhood" during our first online meeting. We invite like-minded individuals to connect and stay with us at ME Holistic Centre, where they will thrive, grow, be healed, and empowered holistically. अकेल तो हम एक पन्ना है, साथ मिल जाये तो किताब। अकेले तो हम एक ईंट है, साथ मिल जाए तो मकान। अकेले तो हम एक बूंद है, साथ मिल जाये तो समंदर। अकेले तो हम एक ऊंगली है, साथ मिल जाए तो ताकत। We believe in unity and coming together for common growth. Although Women's Day has come and gone, we must continue to honor its significance and purpose throughout the year. Our Vedas have long recognized the importance of honoring and respecting women, with several verses highlighting the divinity and power of women. "Yatra nāryastu pūjyante ramante tatra devatāḥ" - Rig Veda Meaning: Where women are honored, divinity blossoms there. "Strī śaktiḥ sarvopari vartate" - Atharva Veda Meaning: Woman's power is supreme and pervasive. "Nārī tu Narayani" - Yajur Veda Meaning: A woman is the embodiment of the goddess Narayani (a form of Goddess Durga). Let us extend support, mentorship, or simply lend a listening ear to other women, both online and offline. We invite you to join our free community and take action to empower yourself and other women. Together, we can heal, grow, and thrive.

To join our free community, click on the link below: Sincerely, Manjushree Rathi Director, ME Mahila Enterprises (ME Holistic Centre)

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