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Mother's day

As I celebrate this Mother's Day,

I feel a sense of love and responsibility,

To all those around me, far and near,

To be a mother to all, without any fear.

I am a mother to my own children,

But also to those who are forgotten,

To orphans and those in need,

To society's children, who I lead.

I am a mother to those in jail,

To the old and frail,

To the animals, birds, and plants,

To Mother Earth and all her enchantments.

Like my own mother, who raised me with care,

I strive to be there, whenever and wherever,

To comfort, guide, and nurture,

To love, support, and ensure a future.

Like Mother Earth, who gives life and sustenance,

I seek to provide, without any hindrance,

To protect, preserve, and regenerate,

To heal, nourish, and rejuvenate.

Like Devi Ma, the goddess of creation,

I aspire to embody, her divine inspiration,

To create, manifest, and transform,

To empower, enlighten, and reform.

By divine grace, I have found my purpose,

To love and care for all, with no surface,

To be selfless, like a mother cow,

To give all that I can, here and now.

May I receive God's grace,

To fulfill my motherly responsibility and pace,

To love all, without any bias or strife,

And to make this world a better place, with my life.

For I am a mother, in every sense,

To all those who need love and defense,

May my motherly love spread far and wide,

And may it never fade or subside

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