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"Nature's Revival: A Seven-Year Journey of Growth and Dedication

For the past approximately 7 years, I have been visiting the serene Nabh-Nir campsite in Anjaneri, accompanied by numerous friends or alone, who have enthusiastically participated in tree plantation and seed sowing activities. This year, we took a significant stride by sowing more than 5000 seeds and planting dozens of young saplings, and the process is still ongoing. Witnessing the remarkable growth, some plants have flourished and now stand tall at an impressive height of more than 15 feet, as you can see in the accompanying photo/video.

Photos of the last 7 years below:

To enhance the land's fertility, I have allowed cows and cattle to graze here. However, in doing so, some plants fell victim to their appetite, yet the resilient ones have regrown and persevered. Moreover, the cows and cattle have contributed to the land's nourishment by providing their dung, enriching it further. What was once a barren expanse is now a thriving ecosystem with thousands of plants and many more yet to flourish.

This remarkable transformation would not have been possible without the collective effort and dedication of all those who participated in our tree plantation and seed sowing initiatives. It is heartening to witness the positive impact of our endeavors, and we remain committed to continuing this noble mission, nurturing the natural world around us for the benefit of future generations. Together, we are cultivating a greener and more vibrant environment, promoting ecological harmony and sustainability.

In gratitude to mother nature and to all friends who contributed.

- Manjushree Rathi

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