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Seeking Validation to Contentment

One of the most important aspect of everyone's life is relationship. Also one of the major problems today that majority of people face is the relationship problem. This problem arises because the individual is seeking validation from others. They are dependent on the opinion of others, they are seeking approval and appreciation from others. I also was one of them earlier. But now, the need to seek validation has just vanished.

I always wanted to please others, give to others, sought approval in almost everything. After making special food, i would expect others to appreciate it. I would want to look beautiful and would love appreciation. Earlier i sought approval while making small decisions like which saree to buy etc. Earlier I was very social and extrovert. Earlier, I always tried to make people happy, tried to please others, wanted to be in gatherings and parties, was wanting to travel around and so on. Later my job helped me to take decision. I was a lecturer for 12 years and then the HOD of the college for 9 years and i my job demanded me to be decisive and i started taking decisions. Then came a time that I was in loneliness when I was left alone after my kids were abducted from me, which got converted into solitude after my spiritual journey started and after God gave me the real experiences of life. Slowly, in the search of meaning for life, I got connected to spiritual life. Bhagvad Geeta, Agnihotra, Narmada Parikrama, several divine people came in to my life. And then I realized God's blessings are with me.

Photo: The first photo was taken 9 years ago when i was in depression and seeking validation, later being interviewed for transforming life from nothing to everything.

Then I was able to connect to the following Bhagvad Geeta Shloka 18-62, 66

तमेव शरणं गच्छ सर्वभावेन भारत ।

तत्प्रसादात्परां शान्तिं स्थानं प्राप्स्यसि शाश्वतम् ॥ १८-६२॥

सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज ।

अहं त्वा सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः ॥ १८-६६॥

Here God said that leave everything and surrender to me and i will take care of you totally and you will be liberated from all sins.

Earlier, i was an Atheist and didnt believe in God. Now, after several experiences, i surrender and submit to the divine almighty. And thus i know that no one and nothing can harm me in any way.

It is such a lovely wonderful feeling that I don't have to depend on anyone for anything. Just imagine that you don't need anyone's approval, anyone's appreciation, anyone's companionship and life becomes so blissful. Automatically, you come to level of acceptance and simultaneously divine energy supports you because you have raised your frequency and you attract all the people situation and things of that frequency which matches yours.

Automatically all relationships improve because now you are not expecting anything from anyone and you give with pure selfless feeling. And that's where you get pure love automatically.

I was in so much of pain and suffering earlier. And now! Now no suffering can touch me, no one can hurt me or insult me and no one can harm me.

When i see the pain and suffering of people, my heart says, "if only they understood and experienced the true universe, if they got what God gave me, their suffering will vanish immediately. "

Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. The choices we make are our own decisions for how we want to live life. - Ellen J. Barrier

I also realized that if I can do this everyone else can do it too.

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