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The Power of Meditation: Connecting with the Divine

Meditation is a journey inward, a profound practice that brings us closer to our true selves and the divine energies that surround us. For those who sit in meditation, there is often a realization that nothing else is needed. The stillness and peace found in meditation are unmatched. However, it's equally important to ensure that one is meditating correctly to fully harness its benefits.

Meditation: A Divine Connection

Meditation is not just about sitting quietly at physical level and having distracting thoughts at mental level. It's about connecting with the present moment, with our breath, and with divine energies. It's about creating a sacred space within ourselves where we can encounter the divine. Initially, many thoughts will arise during meditation, and this is normal. Thoughts come and go and reduce slowly. Swami Shailendra Saraswatiji explained this aptly. He said that thoughts are not coming during meditation but they are going during meditation. It's crucial to have proper understanding and guidance during these times. A knowledgeable guru can provide the necessary guidance to navigate these early stages.

The Importance of Proper Guidance

At lower levels of consciousness, negative thoughts can often dominate. If these thoughts are not managed properly, they can increase during meditation and cause more harm than good. This is why it’s essential to meditate under the guidance of an experienced teacher who can provide the right tools and techniques to deal with these thoughts.

A Success Story: Kumarji's Journey

Among the many who meditate with us, Kumarji's story stands out. We have been conducting daily meditation sessions at Brahma Muhurta for almost four years, and Kumarji has been a regular participant for the past two years. When he first joined, he had several issues, questions, and an unstable mind. Through regular meditation, all of these challenges have dissipated. Kumarji now meditates regularly and has received tremendous benefits from it.

Collective Group Consciousness

Our group meditations have benefited many others as well. You can read their feedback on our [website]( I invite everyone to meditate daily with us to benefit from the collective group conscious energies. The energies of a group help an individual meditate more effectively. We connect online via Zoom daily in the morning and evening for group meditation.

Even if group meditation is not possible, one can meditate whenever they can, provided they are not in the lowest levels of consciousness. To learn more about the levels of consciousness, follow us on our [blog](

Join us on this transformative journey of meditation and connect with the divine within.

Manjushree Rathi,

Director, ME Holistic Centre

Note: i have authored the book 'Meditate and Elevate: Demystifying & Deepening Meditation, Discovering Different Techniques, and Overcoming Obstacles' which is available om amazon:

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