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Today's Sunset and the feeling which came with it.

Today's Sunset and the feeling which came with it:

Beneath the vast expanse of heavens high,

Where sun and clouds in radiant colors lie,

Each day unveils a masterpiece anew,

A canvas painted by the hands of You.

In awe, I watch the sunset's gentle hue,

A symphony of colors, ever true,

With gratitude, I raise my humble voice,

To thank You for this gift, I have no choice.

I bow in sweet submission to Your might,

In Your creation, I find my truest light,

For I am but a speck within Your plan,

A part of Your divine and wondrous span.

With reverence, I acknowledge Your decree,

In this vast world, You're all I truly see,

I'm small, a part of Your grand tapestry,

In Your embrace, I find my sanctuary.

So thank You, Lord, for abundance nature,

For teaching me humility, love and care,

In submission to Your vast and loving grace,

I find my purpose in this wondrous place.

-Manjushree Rathi

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