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Guidance and Grace: A Tribute to Ganesh Bappa

Ganesh Bappa, as you depart today, I pray,

Guide us, dictate us, show us the way,

When you arrived, the sky was so bright,

Now as you leave, tears blur our sight.

In the gentle hands of Ganesh Bappa I lay,

As He departs, He takes the pain and dismay away,

All the sorrow, all the strife, He carries with grace,

Leaving behind His blessings, a warm embrace.

I surrender, submit, in your grace I confide,

Lord, take the lead, in you, we'll abide,

Your wisdom, your love, our beacon, our light,

Show us the path through the darkest of night.

With tears in my eyes and gratitude profound,

I cherish the moments, the love that surrounds,

For Ganesh Bappa, my faithful and true,

Understands my soul, and that's all I need to pursue.

Your wisdom, Your blessings, in our hearts they'll reside,

As we journey ahead, with You as our guide,

So, Ganesh Bappa, we bow before You,

Dictate us, Lord, in all that we do.

- Manjushree

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